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Klinkenberg – Prince Bernhard

In this post a good book about Prince Bernhard - cofounder of Bilderberg, WWF and the 1001 Club - in Dutch by Wim Klinkenberg…
More than half of this book is about the period until the end of the Second World War (1945).

Klinkenberg shows that Prince Bernhard, after his marriage to Crown Prince of the Netherlands Juliana, continued to work for the SS and/or (NW7 of) IG Farben.
Klinkenberg references an article by De Mari in “De Telegraaf” of 1977, that Bernhard after his marriage received 100,000 Reichsmark from the RSHA for intelligence.

See the festivities for the marriage of Juliana and Bernhard including the Hitler salute.

Alois Miedl was since 1933—34 Göring’s personal banker, who had a gold mine on Sumatra in his possession, and with Katarina von Pannewitz smuggled 2 million Swiss Francs worth of diamonds to Switzerland. Von Pannewitz was also a friend of Hermann Göring, and very intimate to Bernhard and Juliana.
Alois Miedl was a Nazi spy that was never prosecuted. Miedl was also a partner of Gerard Fritze, who was a close friend of Bernhard’s father, and became an American citizen in 1947.
In April 1940 Bernhard met in Laren (the Netherlands) with managers of IG Farben: Fritze, Rossler, Pazze, Behrens, and Gunther Frank-Fahle.

After the Dutch Royal family “escaped” to London on 12/13 May 1940, after the German invasion that started on 10 May, on 15 May Bernhard went to Zeeuws-Vlaanderen and then on to Paris to meet French PM Paul Reynaud. Reynaud was affiliated to Rothschild, which was in business with the Hollandsche Koopmansbank in Amsterdam of IG Farben.
De Nazi banker Franz W. Koenigs had become a Dutch national in 1939. He continued his business with England through Rhodius Koenigs Handel Maatschappij NV.

Bernhard didn’t travel with wife Juliana and children to Canada so he could stay in London.
His brother Aschwin was part of the Wehrmacht and SS. It wouldn’t have been difficult for the brothers to act as double spies.

Wim Klinkenberg - “Prins Bernhard – Een politieke biografie” (1979):,%201986).pdf
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