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Default emotion

The emotion you have when thinking of something has a massive effect on the vibration you put 'out there'.
IMO it is better to not be emotionally involved when exposing the evil. If you are too emotional then it may be more your place to focus on making it obsolete which does not necessarily involve focusing on the evil its elf.

I've been trying to be less emotionally involved in all the negativity. I feel I can still contribute to the exposure of the evil while not wasting as much energy on it, energy which I can put into making it obsolete.

I've been reading on the impact emotion has in conjunction with thought in 'The Divine Matrix' by Greg Braden.

I see this huge change in the world as an organic mechanism and I go where I feel drawn to. Everything is falling into place, what I believe we are witnessing is 'the devil in its death throws'.(or perhaps it will go back to 'heaven', where it wont bother anyone)

The term 'written in the stars' comes from the fact that it is the stars themselves that govern reality. Reality is the story that the stars write. This leads me to wonder if free will is just an illusion as many people say. It doesn't matter is it is, what are you going to do about it?
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I'm not religious btw.

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