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Originally Posted by the tealady View Post
Because a lot of people don't understand the nature of the problem in the first place.
The nature of the problem is not external or anything to do with this info, these problems that you talk about are just destractions to keep you in a fear based perception and to slow down your internal enquiry of the nature of reality and what is and what is not.

For spiritual awakening and self realization it is not necessary to know about the so called PTB, all they are doing and all other beings involved are just expressing there free will in this free will universe and creating there own dream time.

You can not fight these powers as this breaks a universal law of imposing your will onto others. ( They are breaking this law.)

What you have to do is create you own dream time reality and stop powering up there's by paying attention to it. A quantum physics basic fact is what you pay your attention grows in power. And if tnhere is nothing to grow in power what you pay your attention to is created, and with enough attention from emotionally charged people focusing there attention on what the so called PTB are maybe doing or planning to do only helps there cause.
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