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Gremlin you are the only confused one.
Yes you seem to want to tell me. weird.

FOR THE LAST TIME: anarchy means no rulers
Yes, and the police seem to be the biggest ararchist's going. confused, self governing when they don't recognise the constitution rule of common law.

it does not mean no rules. of course an anarchist is sovereign, he is above rulership. tat is what sovereign means.
An anarchist is not a sovereign, a sovereign is based on a monarch and GOD

Sovereign: a person exercising supreme authority, esp a monarch

but also a sovereign is self governing

Self-governing; independent: a sovereign state.

How weird. it has two meanings.

So how

This is what anarchy is. NO RULERS

Yes no rulers


1. a person who rules or governs; sovereign.

So no self governing.

of course an anarchist is sovereign, he is above rulership
So now a anarchist has a sovereign? but doesn't because a sovereign is a ruler. ok I am now confused.
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