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not say he is an anarchists. said this is the way. he understands his natural rights and well not submit to someone assuming authority and trying to violate those rights.
The human being has constitutional sovereign rights. The police are trying to violate his rights.

the cops are not acting like anarchists,
They are not governed by any rules.

they are immorally trying to search him, detain him, view his camera, and take his gun. anarchists don't do that.
There's no rules they can do what ever they like, anarchy. total confusion.

an anarchist is sovereign. no one rules over him, and he has no right to rule over anyone else.
An anarchist is not sovereign, an anarchist doesn't stand under GOD because GOD doesn't exist to them.

The sovereign constitution means no one rules over him and he has no right to rule over someone else.

This is pure anarchy, total confusion.
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