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Originally Posted by magicmerlin View Post
Who here has a 'doomsday' survival kit, or is thinking of getting one before December 2012 arrives? It's something I have put off and obviously might not even need (ever).

But like many, I have tried to 'not be a sheep' for the past decade and naturally that includes being 'open-minded' about 21 December 2012, and other possible scenarios such as serious solar storms. If something did happen on December 2012 which brought down power, food, etc, then
I would feel like a complete fool, saying 'told you so' and then having not prepared for it.

It's not that I think something WILL happen, it's just that it might....whether it's December or beyond.

So, who here has one and who here is going to get one.... if so, what will it/does it contain?

All the best.
this is wat i got, machette, nice bbgun a hiking bag a few otha lil things, basics and a plan
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