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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
So what this is about imo is self esteem

So some people want black people to have self esteem so that they can feel empowered and i have no problem with that except i believe that the people behind hollywood are not really empowering black people with things like 'black panther'. What i think they are really doing is cultivating RESENTMENT so that they can stoke racial tensions

What the marxists will never discuss as a source of self esteem for black boys is fatherhood. They will never say that boys benefit from having a stable and supporting male role model around. No instead the marxists have waged war against the family which has seen illigitimacy sky rocket in black communities and many black boys raised by women

This is because the ultimate aim of the marxists is to replace the family with the state

I'm not saying that single mums don't raise their children with love; what i'm saying is that no woman can be both a mother and father to children despite what jewish marxist feminists will try and tell you

if you want self esteem then it helps to live in dignity. This means freedom from debt servitude to the jewish central banking cabal

It doesn't mean being treated as a special needs through affirmative action. It means boys learning from fathers how to be responsible men and then contibuting in productive ways to their community and their wider nation

THATS the discussion the marxists don't want to have because they do not want to encourage personal responsiblity; they want to encourage dependence on the state because they want everyone to be lapdogs feeding from the hand of the rothschild-cabal supremacists who will be behind that all powerful marxist state

And that is NOT freedom that is servitude

THAT is what existed on slave plantations and that is what the rothschild cabal are building with their technocracy: a giant slave plantation
Why Is The Deep State Promoting Black Panther At The Oscars?

when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act
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