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Question Inside Jobs

Originally Posted by diamond dogs View Post
I have always had my doubts over who was behind and responsible for the Brighton bombing and something doesn't sit right with me,

I am absolutely certain that sniffer dogs would have detected the explosives.

I can't weigh up the 'bombers' body language ..could he be a fall guy... would they have really let him out after 14 years and survive after committing such an atrocity..this interview seems surreal ?
Something doesn't sit right with me either,

The Provisional IRA kills eight British soldiers in a bomb attack on a military bus near Ballygawley,

Why was this route taken ?

IRA bomb kills 8 soldiers (Aug 1988)

A major IRA attack in County Tyrone took place on 20 August 1988, barely a year after Loughall, which ended in the deaths of eight soldiers when a British Army bus was bombed at Curr Road, near Ballygawley. The soldiers were being transported from RAF Aldergrove to a military base near Omagh after returning from leave in England. This attack forced the British military to ferry their troops to and from East Tyrone by helicopter.

15 June 1988...Six off-duty British Army soldiers were killed by a PIRA bomb attached to their van in Lisburn. The bomb was made in such a way so as to ensure it exploded upwards, lowering the risk of collateral damage

Aged 22, Royal Corps of Signals, one of six soldiers killed.

IRA kill six British soldiers in Lisburn (June 1988)

On 30 August 1988, an SAS ambush killed IRA members Gerard Harte, Martin Harte and Brian Mullin as they tried to kill an off-duty Ulster Defence Regiment member near Carrickmore. British intelligence identified them as the perpetrators of the attack on the military bus at Curr road.

6 March 1988...Operation Flavius – three unarmed PIRA volunteers were killed by the SAS in Gibraltar.

He describes three IRA members as the "bad boys" who got "the shock of their life".

Originally Posted by stone View Post

Bad Lads Army...The Captain telling his young recruits that they're all going to die. maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but they're all going to die.

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