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Originally Posted by grandsecretary View Post

Not the Yorkshire Ripper at all. The Yorkshire Ripper is in a secure unit at Broadmoor Mental Hospital in Berkshire.

Why are you having a go at a successful but relatively minor TV personality who spends most of his time raising money for charity? As far as I know, he is a much loved person up here in Yorkshire, and any scandal would be very well known. I have never heard a word against him.

He is definitely not a Freemason. I would know. And I do not approve of your anti-Semitic remarks.

It is the ripper. It's all in the link, don't dictate who people are and aren't. And the picture's from 1991

I'm not "having a go", there's just a lot that doesn't add up about Savile. And where the hell was I anti-semitic?

As for not being a Mason, who knows, I never even said he might be. You say you would know, but you appear to know fuck all so, for the sake of the widow's son, shut your yap before you humiliate yourself further!

All new explosive blog!

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