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No wonder the country is fucked - The men who should be standing up, are instead sat there cross legged doing/selling drugs, and trying to convince everyone who they get in contact with to do the same. You lot (druggies) are DEFINITELY fucked, but please try not to bring the rest of us down with you.

This really HAD to be said on this forum.

For a decade now, a few hardcore druggies on this forum have been pushing their nasty dirty habit on the others on here, by constantly promoting it. I have put up with seeing you druggies in the background here, but there comes a time when we have to say what we really think on this. And it's not just me, LOTS of people know druggies and they (the druggies and/or dealers) are a fucking nightmare to non-druggies. Druggies are losers. THAT IS THE TRUTH. EVERYONE KNOWS IT, but most just dont say it in front of the druggies. But I am saying it now.
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