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Originally Posted by mranderson View Post
what should concern everyone , no matter your creed is that Google is DARPA / Boston Dynamics too

not a good idea to let these people decide how the ''truth'' will be determined by A.I algorithms fitted inside a SKYNET like system
yes we are going to enslave you to the corporate technocracy and ultimately plug you into the borg but lets face it the world is full of inequality and racism and gender bias so why would you want to stay in this reality anyway?

we can offer you an escape...a bright new future...a brave new world

And in the meantime you can vent all your frustrations against white people and men which will be fun won't it? After all we don't want those pesky and ruggedly individual white males disrupting our brave new technological-collectivist-matrix reality do we?

In fact we won't just normalise your anti-white racism we will institutionalise it so that you can act as our enforcement arm

We won't just facilitate its spread on social media we will actually award you and reward you with qualifications from universities for immersing yourself in it

Now put on your electronic yarmulke and we can begin...and don't worry...we'll control...i mean we'll handle everything for you...

now come on sons of ham, we are your friends; we have nothing to do with those bad guys in israel...honest. Look at how nice we are to you in our media....see? yes we are the good guys

Now turn on, plug in and drop out and praise be to our lord and master silicon consciousness!

when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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