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Originally Posted by merla View Post


Just a thought about Steve Cook, he's been busy collecting all those Dogman sightings and making people feel ok with coming forward on this. Are average Joe Publics who've seen something strange and disturbing going to trust any website ever again after this? Especially after he said cryptids are nonsense and he never really believe in the Dogman. Way to go Steve.
Steve is absolutely aware that he's guilty of bad behavior. Hence his incredible effort to make it seem like some kind of sociological experiment or something...

Total disrespect towards cryptozoology, the very field which made him well known to begin with.

His dogman song succcksss and he had to resort to this footage - so he did. But once Linda and others on the Monsterquest crew found out long before the episode aired that it was a fake, the disgust aimed at him scared him into admitting it (and trying to save face) on the Monsterquest episode! Which was fun to see...

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Alright, for everyone who hasn't seen the Monsterquest yet...

I will summarize.

Part 1:

50 mins into show:

Linda : This video is... spicious...

*Linda sits down with Steve Cook*

Linda : Steve... I know you're a liar. So I'm going to make you admit this to everyone now.

Steve: *gulp* I did not claim authenticity or anything related to this clip... but yes, I am a liar. The film was a fake and it got out of control, please don't hate me world!

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