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Lightbulb Tia Sharp

This photo won the 2001 Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News..
Operation Peter Pan (Operation Pedro Pan or Operación Pedro Pan) was a mass exodus of unaccompanied Cuban minors to the United States between 1960 and 1962..Father Bryan O. Walsh of the Catholic Welfare Bureau created the program to provide air transportation to the United States for Cuban children/2000 June 1- Prim is kind, gentle, and sweet.. She is a skilled healer, having been taught by her mother.. In Mockingjay, Prim is singled out by District 13 to be trained as a doctor..

Time 3 August 2012 ( found se7en days later)..

The murder of Tia Sharp was a high-profile case in the UK, in which a 12-year-old girl, Tia Sharp (30 June 2000 – 3 August 2012), was reported missing from the home of her grandmother, Christine Sharp, in New Addington, London, during 2012..On 7 August, Tia's uncle, David Sharp, made a televised plea for her safe return..55 sightings were reported by members of the public, but none were substantiated..80 police officers were assigned to the search, and 800 hours of CCTV footage were collected..On 9 August, Hazell appeared on an interview for ITV news, denying that he had done anything to Tia and praying for her safe return..On 10 August, a body was discovered in a black bed sheet in a black bag in the loft of the home of Tia's grandmother, after police searched it for the fourth time..A post-mortem on the body began on 10 August, and paused later that day.. By 16 August, the post-mortem had still not been completed, but at an inquest into the death, which opened that day, it was confirmed that the body was that of Tia Sharp..On 23 August police commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe addressed his force's failure to find Tia's body..In June 2013, the home of Christine Sharp, where Tia was murdered, was demolished and in mid-2014, work began on new houses being built on the site..New Addington is sometimes called The Boot's Estate..By 1939, when the outbreak of World War II suspended construction, 1,023 houses and 23 shops had been built..The area was affected during the 2011 England Riots..

Searched a loft 4 times ? how big can a loft be ? How many more holmes need to be demo-lished ?

The 2000 Enggano EQ struck at 23:28 local time on June 4 with a moment magnitude of 7.9 and a maximum Mercalli intensity of VI (Strong).. There were more than 100 fatalities and up to 2,585 injuries..Over 730 aftershocks shocked the area afterwards, one just 11 minutes after the mainshock/5-Sweden participated in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Kiev, Ukraine..

7 - Blair receives a hostile reception during a speech at the Women's Institute..

10-Hafez was born on 6 October 1930 in Qardaha to an Alawite family of the Kalbiyya tribe-The Alawites, also known as Nusayris, are a prominent mystical religious group who follow a branch of the Twelver school of Shia Islam-Patterson was born in Clonmel, County Tipperary on 5 October 1938.. As a boy he performed with his local parish choir-The much-anticipated Millennium Bridge opens to the public, but has to close after it starts swaying-John Brian "George" Statham, CBE (17 June 1930) was one of the leading English fast bowlers/12-England lose their opening group game 3–2 to Portugal\14-Robert Trent Jones, Sr. (June 20, 1906) was a golf course architect/16-Bianca Vanessa Andreescu is a Canadian junior tennis player\17 – A centennial EQ (6.5 on the Richter scale) hits Iceland on its national day-Ismail Mahomed was born in Pretoria; his parents were Indian merchants/19 -Takeshita was born in present-day Unnan, Shimane on 26 Feb 1924 and attended Waseda University\21-Alan Hovhaness ( Ալան Յովհաննէս, March 8, 1911) was an American composer of Armenian and Scottish descent-Section 28 is not repealed in the rest of the UK until 2003/23-Brandon was born in Bakersfield, California and first discovered his interest in racing at the age of 5-Kim Hyun-soo is a South Korean actress\26 – A preliminary draft of genomes, as part of the Human Genome Project, is finished. It is announced at the White House by President Clinton/28 – Elián González returns to Cuba with his father, Juan Miguel González, ending a protracted custody battle\29 Vittorio Gassman was born in Genoa to a German father, Heinrich Gassmann, and a Pisan Jewish mother, Luisa Ambron..He later voiced Mufasa in the Italian version of The Lion King-Kia May Pegg (nearly 16) is an English actress, who is most well known for her role as Jody Jackson in British children's drama show Tracy Beaker Returns and its follow-up The Dumping Ground/30 – At the Roskilde Festival near Copenhagen, Denmark, 9 die and 26 are injured on a set while the rock group Pearl Jam performs– David Copeland is found guilty of causing the 3 nail bomb attacks in London last year... Dieu ne pas pour le gros battalions, mais pour sequi teront le meilleur..So if there's any man among you expecting a quick ramble through this war, now's the time..The story goes, there was a great shipwreck hereabouts, long long ago, out in the waters around Spivey Point..One is so limited when one travels by ship...

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