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Isabelle Caro..

Passenger DY..
Forrest Schab known by his stage name DY (born in 1984) is a Canadian hip-hop artist raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.. In 2009, he signed to CP Records..(Founder Tony Sal Ahmad "Belly" Balshe)..His stage name is an acronym deriving from his nickname "Die Young"..DY has been making music independently since the age of 14 winning several emcee competitions and releasing solo material..An album was in the making in cooperation with CP Record artist Belly..His first single "Passenger" featuring another CP Record artist Danny Fernandes was released in October 2009..On November 18, 2010, DY was reported missing in Mexico..In mid-August 2010, Schab made plans to fly to Mexico and disappeared with no one hearing from him in months..Canadian police was investigating his whereabouts..On December 10, 2010 his family released another statement expressing their grave worry on DY's disappearance..Just prior to his disappearance, he had shot a music video for his second single called 'That's My Spot' featuring former Danity Kane member D. Woods and his contract with CP Records was terminated..Woods is the founder and CEO of Woodgrane Entertainment..British Columbia, also commonly referred to by its initials BC, is a province located on the west coast of Canada..Archaeological records indicate the presence of Aboriginal people in the Vancouver area from 8,000 to 10,000 years ago..

Highway 93..

November 16-Clarence House announces the engagement of Prince William of Wales and Catherine Middleton-UK Government is to pay millions of pounds in compensation to around a dozen British citizens who were held in detention overseas, including the camp at Guantanamo Bay, and claim British security services colluded in their torture/17 – Researchers at CERN trap 38 antihydrogen atoms for a 6th of a second, marking the first time in history that humans have trapped antimatter-Isabelle Caro (13 September 1982) was a French model and actress from Marseille, France, who became well known after appearing in a controversial advertising campaign "No Anorexia"-Caro suffered from severe anorexia nervosa from the age of 13..Her anorexia was caused by what she called a "troubled childhood"-On 18 January 2011, it was reported that Caro's mother had killed herself during the previous week\18-American actor, George Clooney, is awarded the 2010 Ripple of Hope award at the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights, in recognition of his humanitarian work in Darfur and Haiti-Police discover a detonator, batteries and a ticking clock in Namibia's Windhoek Airport apparently due to be loaded on an aircraft bound for Munich, Germany-About 40 Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engines on Airbus A380 aircraft around the world will be replaced due to the engine failure on Qantas Flight 32-Officials from the IMF, the ECB and the EU arrive in Dublin to discuss the Irish debt crisis-Auto maker General Motors is listed again on the NY Stock Exchange-Haiti police fire tear gas into a camp for internally displaced people in Port-au-Prince after riots over UN peacekeepers from Nepal allegedly bringing cholera into the country turn violent-Juan Manuel Santos declares a state of emergency in Colombia after ongoing floods and landslides kill at least 136 people-At the Caspian Summit in Baku, Azerbaijan, Ahmadinejad criticizes NATO for adopting policies based on "false information"-Swedish prosecutor Marianne Ny who leads a criminal investigation of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is seeking a court order-Egyptian authorities release blogger Kareem Amer who was imprisoned for 4 years for insulting Islam and defaming President Hosni Mubarak-The Leonid meteor shower was visible across much of the US early this morning-China is to use own uranium resources to meet growing nuclear demand-A fault discovered in Idaho could produce an earthquake of 7.5 magnitude/19– Conservative Party politician Lord Young resigns as the coalition government's enterprise adviser after claiming that most Britons "have never had it so good" in spite of the recession\20 – Participants of the 2010 NATO Lisbon summit issue the Declaration/21 – Eurozone countries agree to a rescue package for the Republic of Ireland from the European Financial Stability Facility in response to the country's financial crisis..Intergenerational conditioning by parents of their children is one of the greatest of all gatekeeping activities..I'm sorry, mother..I didn't mean it.. is a game..All of this is for you..You're not investigating anything..You're a fcuking rat in a maze..It's a filthy and difficult job..We don't like doing it, but it's our duty...
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