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I think ive come accross something that shows/exposses Peter in a very bad light unfortunately,

In a response to Stefan Molyneux [Zeitgeist: Moving Forward] at 38.30, Peter says of the public getting to grips with the scientific aspect of the VP, "if your values do not align to whats possible, then theres a serious problem and you have to change your values accordingly". http://www.
Who is Peter Joseph to say whats good and bad for 6.7 billion people?

In any case, how does believing that the Venus Project is a workable idea make someone a liar? Does that mean Jesus and the apostles were also liars because they believed Christianity would work?
By telling us its workable when it isn't, is lieing. Its the day to day living aspect of TVP for humans that proves this. However, some of TVP aspects are brilliant and should be encouraged within a non interest based monetary system where each country has a different ideological concept based on the different human belief systems that we feel in our own uncorupted hearts.

Peter has a good heart, but he is insane if he thinks that all humans will feel love with eachother if we live by TVP.
Has christianity worked? Hope not, i certainly don't believe in it.

And what I described as AJ's ignorance is the fact that he accused the atheists from TVP of being a luciferian theosophical religion... that's being an ignorant; however you look at it.
Certainly an ignorant opinion. Obviously, TVP wont work for everyone.

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