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Originally Posted by spookieman View Post
I found this text about archons and archon possesion.If this is true we aren-t dealing with a bunch of reptilians that are infested with some kind of virus.The reptilians are controlled by some sort of interdimmensional creatures that affect every being and multiplies fast.If we,in a way ,finish with the reptilians the archontic infection remains and will spread.
Sometimes viruses can be a benefit to your physical!

The Reptilians are more known by those of you that are alive on your Earths Journeys of Incarnation this time around but the Zetas are the next in line and known to be stronger at taking over your physicallity in the 3rd dimension.

I am an alpha draconian being home planet Alpha Draconis stuck on Earth due to a physicallity implant given to me upon my death by an alien race that keeps me aware and bought back to life on Earth again with no hope on ever leaving to go home as im stuck in the Physical so i just look like a dominant rep underneath my pigment and skin in the physical and i can see myself i just have fatter facial tissue surrounding my Reptilian appearance. I am strong and i know for a fact and can speak on behalf of all Reptilians that there is nobody controlling us other then a synergy of connected beings on an inter-dimensional rule of thumb. Like sometimes you will get a Reptilian/Gray Crossbread and yes they crossbread them themselves buts its the Grays who come up with the crossbreading as to my understanding the Reptilians only crossbread with Dracs and Earth based beings in the Physical such as Humans and Aboriginals to make Reptilian Hybrids from interbreeding, Then to my knowledge and as far as i can gather/know their are no Zeta Reticulan Crossbreads however the Zetas can connect with the Reptilian counterpart due to their understanding on what it takes to move in or populate the connection of another being but in terms of that it only workds when your in the same dimension otherwise if a higher being in a higher dimension did it to you you will not be able to see them so you wont know they are there. However the Zetas and Grays and Reptilians that are known by me to be from the 4th Dimension can however go backwards to the 3rd Dimension having to pass through the 4th Density which is a Dark Dense portal to the 3rd Dimension and home (the 4th D) it goes like this *1st Dimension > 2nd Dimension >4th Density> 3rd Dimension <4th Density<>4th Dimension*
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