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You raise some excellent points ...let me take them one by one ...

Originally Posted by metak88 View Post
Well, to me at least the part about cool new tech, ETs and space travel, sounds very interesting. But, as you said most humans involved in this are slaves.
Most are technically slaves ... many are the missing children, 100,000s that go missing each year , abducted from Earth , they are processed to find their skills , have memories of families erased and serve as slaves in the various Cabal SSP groups .. or traded with the NAZI 'dark fleet' .. or sold to ET groups ... they often wear shock collars and are treated as slaves ... Then there are the officers and others who are not technically slaves , people who may have signed up to the US military and were offered a chance to join the SSP ... They , like military personnel on Earth have virtually zero freedom, they can't chose whether or not to follow orders , or decide they want a day off .. they find themselves in a system much harsher than the military system on Earth, and they can't leave till their tour of duty is up.

Originally Posted by metak88 View Post
That's what's also bugging me the most. Why would they go through all the effort of 'erasing' their memories (it's BS 'coz so many are remembering) and then return them to Earth when they know that their memory blanking is not working? Why not just sell them to ETs for organs and genetics or something to get rid of evidence while preventing any whistleblowers at the same time?
This is a very good question ... but we do know, that for some reason many Mind-control victims continue to live....

Take Cathy O'Brian , she must be the most famous MK victim , no involvement with the SSP , but a 'presidential model' sex slave..

She's still giving lectures , selling books, telling she was raped by presidents. I suspect there are higher forces at work , higher dimensional beings preventing the removal of such people ... The Illuminati are not all powerful.

Perhaps the slave technicians who implement the MK system secretly want to bring down the cabal , and assure the rothchilds that they now have the problems sorted ..." let them return to earth , they can be reactivated latter if we need them"..

It's a very complex situation we do not fully understand . It seems the vast majority abducted from Earth will not return , but live out their lives off world .
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