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Originally Posted by metak88 View Post
Just watched the first video and it all sounds incredible indeed...
OZ, Would you want to participate in SSP? Let's say one of those 20&back missions or something else?
I can only quote Corey Goode on that, metak ... paraphrasing from memory ..

"I get people coming up to me asking 'how can I join the SSP , go to the moon? ' ... I reply , 'haven't you listened to what I've said?? this is an Illuminati run Space Empire ...torture , slavery ... you are a slave with no freedom... it's a nightmare to live it'..."

Here's another great video ....

Penny ... 19:30 "When I was a teen here on Earth, because they had added so much reptilian DND to me in MILABs the CIA took me to satanic rituals to see if I was going to respond like a reptilian. If I had they would have killed me on the spot , so I didn't . At the rituals I was taken to , there was a red warrior class drako who appeared . he was wearing an amanni suit at first, which looked really strange . He became naked for the rituals , and this particular being , they called him Baphomet , and he's addicted to the adrenal-chrome in human blood..."

Awesome rant from Tony 1:28:05 ..." you're gonna get to a certain threshold when thousands and thousands of people are gonna get it all at once ... they (the Cabal) know it's coming ... there's gonna be 100,000 people like us (with total recall) ...right now it's 50 ... then it's gonna be a 100 ... then 10,000 ... what they gonna do when there's 500,000 Pennies and Tonies on Youtube? ...500,000 people who know where the (off world) bases are , that know what's going on out there with crystal clear memories ???..."?

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