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The above article which was posted in the 'headlines' section of this website today gives good insight into the creation of the current state of saudi arabia and of israel. These countries are now in alliance againts syria and iran which is why they are supporting ISIS

But one stand out part of the article was the method the imperialists used to achieve their ends. They sent T.E.Lawrence in to try and bribe certain leaders who they wished to sway and then when that failed they threatened them with violence. If threats did not work then they would arm their opponents and unleash them against them

This is the same approach used by the CIA today as discussed by John perkins in his 'confessions of an economic hitman'. Interestingly there have always been rumours around the death of T.E. lawrence in amotorcycle crash for example about a car being spotted on that day that may have caused the crash

Was lawrence silenced by the zionists to keep him quiet about the operations in that part of the world?
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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