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Originally Posted by warlock23 View Post
I find much of the stuff on the freeyourbrain web site deeply compelling. It resonates on an intuitive level even if you don't know what is going on.
I'm glad I'm not the only one. I've been active on this forum for about a year and since that time I have had at least a half dozen "experiences" during this time. I dismissed these as extremely trumanesquely paranoid and put it the furthest away from my mind. Now after reading freeyourbrain, I am not so sure.

The last time this sort of shit occurred was the 93-98 period of extremely high weirdness in my life.

To give a couple of examples: Immediately after I first posted about hermetics and that I thought eventually everyone would do it, I went outside to go to the one of local shops and on the way a man dressed in black in a
tradesman's van passed me looking at me with his thumb up as if to say "yep". I looked around for someone else as I didn't know him. I thought he was signaling them, but no-one was around me.

Another time, I was in the public library writing a post on this forum as my internet connection was down. I had finished the post and was browsing when I swear the man sitting behind me hadn't walked into the room through the only door into the room (which was in front of me). I had a very strong feeling of observation or connection from this man. I didn't look back as I thought if I did it would validate something I didn't want validated.

Sounds completely crazy, doesn't it? I thought that too and completely shelved it until I read freeyourbrain just week.
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