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Originally Posted by skulb View Post
I know. Was joking. The weird thing about the 9/11 photo in my mind is that there doesn`t seem to be any trace of an impact at all. It looks more like someone has started a forest fire and then put it out. No wreckage, no mark in the ground anywhere that points to an impact. Nothing.
If I remember correctly the government claimed the plane disappeared down into an abandoned mine, but there`s no trace of any mine either. And even if there was why didn`t they go down into the abandoned mine to look for the plane?
If this is correct then it puts the coroners later explanation on BBC in a rather weird light, where he claimed he had seen human remains at the crash site, without specifying that he had climbed down into the mine to perform his investigation. You`d think he might have mentioned this when explaining himself. I think there`s quite a good chance he`s been threatened and told what to say like so many other people have been to help cover up 9/11.
D'oh, sorry -

Yeah, their story falls apart by simply scratching the surface, but they know most folks won't bother. There wasn't a plane crash, but they know they can rely on the media to exploit the credulity of the public to make them believe anything the TeeVee tells them.
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