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Originally Posted by breaker View Post
And I could be here Even longer before I get a better understanding of chemtrails from you
Right there is your problem. You see, you have this idea that there is an evil plot to flood the sky with chemicals from airplanes, that bizarrely you claim aren't passenger jets but something else

It's kind of like me saying something like....

"You will never be able to teach me more about fairies down the bottom of my garden"

I answered your stupid question about boiling water...

if I were to boil a tank of water containing 10,000 gallons of water in my garden would it cause a localised fog?
Do clouds form at sea level? If you did it during a period where fog was occurring, then yes. Your boiling water turns to vapour.

Learn how to use the quote function, you are coming across as a bit dim.

Originally Posted by breaker View Post
Full of questions ain’t I
Not questions, something else...

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