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Originally Posted by getagrip View Post
Just had a look on Amazon it says: "Temporarily out of stock." So unless they have yet to receive any or they have sold out already?
Although, someone did manage to leave a negative review.
Yes ... the buyer gave it one star out of five , and that's it , no review ....Probably purchased by MI5 (I'm serious) ...they will be keeping an eye on it .

Impressive video from David, brief (4 mins) and to the point , and an "in your face" attitude towards the controllers ...

Essential reading for people new to this subject , but I won't be getting a copy because I can't imagine anything is in there that I've not already chewed over ...

But I am keen to know if he touches on the ET question, and the advanced tech the shadow government has ... UFO type craft , time travel , bases on other planets....lets not forget NAZI s in Antarctica !

EDIT amazon has not been sent any copies yet? ... the one star feedback is a lie to put off buyers ... but they don't want to appear as sensors and not sell the book , so they say "Out of stock" ....figures

Owner of Amazon Jeff Bezos (Ashkenazi Jew/Northern European) worth $91.6 Bn , now exceeds bill gates fortune ... seems to be shifting operations to Israel ...very curious to move to a country of 8million people , can't be many sales there ...

"Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of the internet giant Amazon, secretly visited Israel recently as his company moves forward with plans to greatly expand its presence in Israel, TheMarker has learned.
Bezos' visit included meetings with the managers and staff of Annapurna Labs, the Israeli startup Amazon bought in 2015 for $360 million that will serve as the basis for the company’s major upgrade and expansion of its Israeli operations..."
read more:

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