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Originally Posted by vancity eagle View Post
You are not looking at long term and overall trends, but focusing specifically on what YOU yourself have a problem with, and then equating that to the oligarchs. By enacting your own bias you think you are "anti-NWO"

By all accounts the oligarchs want people divided, they want people fighting amongst each other, they want people to blame ISLAM AND IMMIGRANTS for their problems and they want people to embrace these fake "populist" and "nationalist" candidates WHO THEY OWN AND BANKROLL, as a solution to their contrived and hyperbolic threats of "the downfall and/or destruction of Western civilizaion" by the dynamic duo of radical Islam and radical Leftists. A script the Mormon Glenn Beck was reading from on Fox News almost a decade ago.

Over 50 years ago the CIA and billionaire funded think tanks were scaring Americans about Communism, which "was a threat to the WEst" Now they have added radical Islam to the mix, and we have this ridiculous double threat which will somehow bring "the west" crashing to its knees. SMFH.

Now we have loudmouths like Alex Jones connected to these same billionaires shouting and screaming about how to "stick it to the NWO" by voting in their puppets and ignoring common sense and reason, because Trump is a superhero. Reading the same 50 year old script creating fear and division. But that is somehow "awake" and "enlightened" to some. That is the sick joke in all of this.

You are simply going along with this plan because it suits you ideologically and you have done nothing but downplay this agenda and attack anybody who exposes it.
no YOU are not looking at the overall trends

the overall trends are that society is under a full spectrum attack which includes things like mass immigration which is being used to break down national sovereignty and national identity and social cohesion

The oligarch controlled progressive agenda seems to be largely about throwing insults at anyone who tries to expose the overall trends

The el-ites know that there will be a backlash against these trends so they seek to control the outcomes by putting forward their own populist politicians to manage the perceptions of the public whilst the overall agenda to radically transform society continues to roll on
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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