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It's been years since I've been tracking the global warming issue. I used to be quite active on this forum about 6 years ago.

After tons of reading, my findings are as follows:

When David Icke goes on about CO2 being good for the environment, promotes greeness etc, he actually doesn't understand anything about the carbon cycle, ocean absorption of CO2, nor most importantly the rate of change.

The Anglia email debacle, whilst embarrassing, is only so in the sense that in data sets there are often adjustments to be made. The fact remains that the physics of CO2 works and is well understood. Just because the average person doesn't get the scientific method, I.e. Test and refine, doesnt mean it's not correct. Incidentally, by the same token most doubters should avoid all modern surgery, because what do the experts know? Wouldn't a DIY kitchen table job to treat a blocked heart artery be better?

The only real conspiracy is that Exxon Mobil knew decades ago what happens when you burn vast quantities of oil, but kept it quiet. The real conspiracy is that the lunatics who run this world, know of the 'water, water everywhere' future, as neatly encoded in the 2012 Olympic ceremony, in the heartland of the masonic domain.

Heating oceans, mass die off of species, is what we're in now. This is the 6th great extinction. Crops require stable temperature, which will be no longer. The rich will live longer growing produce in controlled environments, the poor will die. The elite see a future where the poor, decimated in number, will be slaves. In a much warmer world, created at an extraordinary speed compared to past warmer periods, creatures don't adapt.
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