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Originally Posted by truegroup View Post
The sky IS black in every single piece of footage in 50 hours of video. It isn't blue, it's black. In every direction, even zoomed cameras, panned around 360 degrees with nothing visible except the surface of the Moon, the astronauts, the LM and equipment and the rover.
The sky is blue which makes it a natural blue screen. It dont have to be black you could have any color you wanted, but because its a nasa production theyve gone with black.

Originally Posted by truegroup View Post
Only a very dumb person would ask such a thing on a 2d picture.
Nasa claim to have the moon and landing sites mapped, landing site to distant mountains should be no problem to find out. Calculating if they should be visible over the curvature relates to maths

Originally Posted by truegroup View Post
I have never made such an extreme claim, you have genuine problems with reading comprehension, now it appears with facts and figures and memory recall. Ten miles some of them.
10 miles some of them but what height. A pic of Pendle hill from ten miles looks like the apolo mountains but pendle is a hill.
My definition of being a flatmooner is the apolow footage was filmed in a studio

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