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Lightbulb Within the Pentacle


Lunar Orbiter 4 Image..

Bruce is a small lunar impact crater located in the Sinus Medii.. It lies to the west-northwest of the irregular crater Rhaeticus, and is about 33 km to the west of the even smaller Blagg..This feature is circular and cup-shaped, with no notable impacts overlaying the rim or interior..It is surrounded by lunar mare, with a few tiny craterlets in the surface to the east.. From the floor of this crater the Earth always appears at the zenith..It is named for Catherine Wolfe Bruce, an American philanthropist and patroness of astronomy..She studied spainting, learned Latin, German, French & Italian, and was familiar with the literature of those languages..She wasn't much of a housekeeper though..

So you're a fortune Teller?..

Do you know something, Mr. Brandon (2008) "The Tudors: CheckMate"..

Catherine was born on January 22, 1816..The daughter of George Bruce (1781–1866), a famous type founder was born in Edinburgh, and Catherine Wolfe (1785–1861), the daughter of David Wolfe (1748–1836) of New York City..This talk of WereWolves & pentagrams - In 1877, she donated $50,000 for the construction of a library building and the purchase of books in memory of her father..In 1887, she donated The George Bruce Free Library.. Between 1889 and 1899 she donated funds to the Harvard College Observatory (U.S.A.), Yerkes Observatory and Landessternwarte Heidelberg-Königstuhl (Germany), run by Max Wolf at the time, to buy new Telescopes at each of those institutes, and now I walk the Earth in limbo until the curse is lifted.. Both the Surveyor 6 and Surveyor 4 probes landed about 50 km to the west-southwest of Bruce..You see, a telescope has a mighty Sharp Eye..

The Wolf Man (1941) - All major theme parks have delays..

I like tigers..Rrrrah!..Ah Beautiful Girl - Jurassic Park - Tyrannosaurus Rex Scene (1993) HD ..

The Bruce Medal of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific is named after her, as well as the asteroid 323 Brucia, and the crater Bruce on the Moon..She received a Gold medal by the Grand Duke of Baden..323 Brucia is a stony Phocaea asteroid and former Mars-crosser from the inner regions of the asteroid belt, approximately 33 km in diameter.. It was the first asteroid to be discovered by the use of astrophotography..The asteroid is a member of the Phocaea family (701), a large family of stony S-type asteroids with nearly 2'000 known members - 465,588. Patented Dec. 22, 1891 - Be it known that I, SETH WHEELER, of the city and county of Albany, and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Toilet-Paper Rolls;I'm gonna die on a toilet, aren't I?..A difficulty with rolls of this character as heretofore manufactured has been due to the width of the bond uniting the sheets, Guys like you don't dye on tolets..At the same time I wind rolls containing any desired number of sheets..Pregnant and pleeding hysteria, she was, nonetheless, given nine months hard labour..And it does the same thing to people in their rombs, that is if you point it in the right direction..I got home to a ringing phone, so naturally I answered it..Although it did not land on the Moon, the prominence of the number represents the significant contributions the mission made to the Apollo program..In February 2016 Discovery Channel broadcast a TV show suggesting that Mission 10 witnessed mysterious orb alien signals while on the far side of the Moon, you have to look inside and ask this question: who are you trying to entertain - the audience or yourself?..The 2 2Gether form an Initiator... couldn't even begin to imagine how you'd even heard about it, let alone got yourself through the front door..Welcome to my haus!..Enter freely, and those WMD's have got to be here somewhere...

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