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Originally Posted by misstaken View Post
That's what I said here, I know this enquiry into the MPs and their activities is bullshit but my tears were tears of relief because some time ago I first contacted Theresa May about. Changing laws and legislation to make everyone face criminal charges who fails to report or act on child abuse reports, I more recently contacted two more MPs.
because of the coverups and battle I've personally had trying to protect many children it was an emotional moment. I just hope it wasn't all smoke and mirrors
Sorry misstaken, I posted as soon as I saw your first post in this thread. I was all fired up. Sorry, I don't wish to deflate your courage or your search for truth. These objectives are paramount. More people need to do exactly what you have done, and more victims must come forward.

The pressure will have to come from the bottom of the pyramid up to the very top. THIS issue has the full potential to topple the elites. I have faith that the concern of parents and society for our children is still powerful enough to get people's anger-gears engaged.

Do not think that I pour scorn on your endeavours; far from it. It is excellent that you have contacted these psychopathic liars, and that you continue to do so. By doing so, by having to keep doing so, the paper trail is laid i.e. the foundation of cover-ups and denials is thus exposed. I mean WHY exactly was nothing done over SO MANY FUCKING PAEDOS?

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