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Originally Posted by iluminawti View Post
No stone unturned bla bla bla Lessons to be learnt, this is masonic code for every thing will be covered up. Another load of bollocks by the gang of paedos in our govt. You have to be a nonce to get any where in our govt. Which is why when ever they get into power they do the complete opposite to what they said before getting into power. Remember cleggy the liar? I`m so sorry. He never knew anything about that big fat bastard nonce cyril smith. Plus he worked for leon brittin another nonce who`s name was on the elm tree guest house list
I totally agree with you.

My one hope is that the sheeple start realising that their very own children are mincemeat, and their grandchildren too will be mincemeat/toys for these saddos. There's a reason why society is so hyper sexualised, why so many children are being stolen from their parents, why the state doesn't know about the disappearance of thousands of children from state care and so on. My only hope is that the sheeple find something clicks inside them and they start focussing.
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