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Redemption: the heroes journey

Jordan peterson explores some interesting themes in the clips below where he is essentially speaking about the heroes journey by looking at the hero archetype in orthodox christianity and in buddhism

In both the process is one of falling into a world of sorrow and then seeking the path back to truth. As we all lose the innocence of childhood and become swept along in the bullshit of life we all have that choice between that path or despair

Jordan Peterson - Thoughts On Orthodox Christianity

Jordan Peterson On Buddha

When egypt was invaded by the hyksos (later one of the tribes that made up the confederation of tribes known as the israelites) they disrupted MAAT (order) and they embraced the egyptian devil 'set' as their primary god of worship

It seems that today society is still being subverted by the agents of chaos as they seek to cast everyone down the path of sorrow while disconnecting them with truth and the path of redemption
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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