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The motor vehicle is actually a participate in property. It is a share in the public utilities. There are street names in stock broker's account. All the words in statutes deals with financial terms.

What happen is your car become collateral for the note of indebtness that is called a motor vehicle through word trickery. Your car is not the motor vehicle. Electric power in legal terms means the electric right.

"power n. the right, authority and ability to take some action or accomplish something, including demanding action, executing documents, contracting, taking title, transferring, exercising legal rights and many other acts." Dictionary

Since the motor vehicle was leased on margin, the owner which is the tenant have to pay the margin by sharing the dividend from the participate which is a share with the stock broker. Your car was turn into collateral to the broker's margin.

The cop doesn't know the difference so they catch you and write a nice story for the attorneys to do commercial paperwork behind the scene. That is how they con you into paying for something that you never see. The dividend is held in the ALL CAPITAL NAME account. You never have access to it so you dig out of your pocket to pay the broker's margin.

A collateral is a form of security because it can be taken if the debt is not satisfy. The motor vehicle is held in the Social Security Trust account. Your car is social security for the note of debt which is attach to the share called the motor vehicle.

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