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Originally Posted by freeyourmindfreeyourself View Post
Codie I think your very brave to live your truth so fearlessly I think anyone who doesnt think there is more to this life than meets the eye must be crazy fools

I am sure there are a lot people out there who will respect the person you are you dont need to allow these people to drag you down with there ignorance. I am glad you have found strategys to stay detached from peoples negativity. There crap aimed at you is proberly more of a reflection of who they are and the crap going on in there life. I wouldnt take it to personaly I think your great person and have a lot to offer this world

You are on the right path for sure

Thank you so much for your kind words
People say that it's a form of fakery because they can't grasp the concept that you want to live in love - and they try their hardest to knock you - make you react with malice - but it's true that those that seek to point out others failings wouldn't take so much pleasure in it if they didn't have many of their own. I have many I know, but I try to embrace the positive and open my arms to those that want solace. I have been told I think I'm 'up myself' for thinking I have the right to be able to offer assistance. I do think yeah who the hell am I to be able to guide another - but I'm nobody I'm just me doing what I feel I'm here to do. I'm bound to meet darker entities that want to sabotage it and try to fill me with doubt.
Once you allow yourself to be pulled into the negative energy it's a breeding ground for bad things to manifest
Yeah it's been challenging, but I won't give up love for hate - Never - even if it's a solo mission.
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