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I already knew that most (if not all) psychiatric drugs have withdrawal effects. Ironically these withdrawal effects are than used to show how beneficial the psychiatric drugs are.
Doctors are intentionally being misled so that they don’t report withdrawal effects. Many doctors misdiagnose withdrawal as relapse, and then say: look what happens without the drugs!

In the UK poisoning with antidepressants has risen by 170% since 2000, with over 7 million adults (16% of the adult population) being prescribed an antidepressants in England last year (2016–17).
In the US, almost 8% of the population aged over 12 used antidepressants from 1999 to 2002, rising to almost 13% (37 million) by 2011–2014.
A large percentage of the victims use antidepressants for years.

The following literature review of 14 studies shows that 27% to 86%, averagely 56%, of the psychiatric victims that stopped taking antidepressants suffered from withdrawal effects.
The largest 3 of these studies were online surveys. This makes the conclusions less reliable, as this could have overrepresented “dissatisfied” victims.

Also 10 studies on the severity of the withdrawal effects were reviewed.
Almost half of the psychiatric victims rated their withdrawal effects as severe (the most serious severity rating).
Many of the victims noted that the withdrawal effects lasted for months (or even years).

Typical antidepressant withdrawal reactions include:
Anxiety, agitation, irritability;
Flu-like symptoms;

Imbalance, dizziness;
Sensory disturbances;
Electric shock-like sensations, brain zaps;

Muscle spasms, tremors;
Hallucinations, confusion;

Mania, hypomania;
Emotional blunting, inability to cry;
Long-term or even permanent impotence.

James Davies et al. – A systematic review into the incidence, severity and duration of
antidepressant withdrawal effects: Are guidelines evidence-based?
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