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Originally Posted by st jimmy View Post
The government keeps removing my topics from “independent” Dutch internet forums. Of course it would be terrible if the brainwashed Dutch public finds out what is really going on.

You´d probably expect the government to hide that Targeted Individuals are poisoned.
In the Dutch law it is specified that the inspector can order that indicated consumers get drinking water that’s hazardous to their health. Read my translation of art. 52 Drinkwaterwet: “If according to the judgement of the inspector: the delivery of drinking water to consumers can be hazardous to the health, he can forbid the delivery thereof or can allow it to be used only in indicated situations, in an indicated manner”.
According to art. 29 lid 1 Drinkwaterbesluit drinking water that contains too much poison can be delivered and according to art. 37 lid 6, art. 38 lid 4 Drinkwaterbesluit and NEN 1006 the owners of buildings can be forced to destroy their buildings (to provide for the inspector to means to execute art. 52 Drinkwaterwet).
In Bouwbesluit is also legislation for the ventilation of buildings.

I wouldn’t be surprised if other countries in the “civilised” world have similar legislation to poison Targeted Individuals.
Over here in the uk, we have water mains which delivers water running along large pipes 1 metre below ground underneath the pavements in front of the houses. These branch into stopcocks which then reduce the pipe size to the property to 25mm alcathene where it terminates into an internal stop tap. From here the properties are plumbed in by the building owner.
So it would be impossible for that scenario you describe to happen in this country.. I'm fairly certain the Dutch system will be very similar.

If your water is/was being poisoned, I would suggest it would need to be some sort of insert into the supply pipe that leaches poison into you domestic water, hot and cold. I can't see any other way this would be possible.
I feel your pain man. On the back of trauma we can become hyper aware, super tuned in, but others will not be able to get their heads around it.

If you think your water is poisoned, check the plumbing out by draining it down and opening the compression fittings. Also take a sample or two of the water and send it off to independent lab/s for full analysis and compare it to your water companies own data for your local water.
Then you will have something tangible, or relief that the water is fine.
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