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Originally Posted by truepositive View Post
They might be here, but how likely is it that your local policemen are part of it?
oh really ha ha ha

do you have any idea how many there are of the hybrids the uks like a hive.

thats funny because the reptilian police man that stoped me the night before I went to court was quite blatently after a charge so stoping me from getting to court. This was documented on my video series I was seen driving my car in town by 2 bobbys on the beat, next thing you know im pulled over whilst sat in a trafic jam my car never gets stoped. You should have seen him its like he was going to explode. I had 2witness at the time ha ha ha I was playing with them!

I also have a ex-reptilian police man living next door to me by the name of bill
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