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Originally Posted by mushroombot View Post
Heres a few notes I made from a film I recently watched relating to the activation of the pineal gland. The film is called The ring of power 2.

I spotted this thread and thought I'd post them to see if anyone else had experience of this. There is a section near the end of the film where a technique for activating the pineal gland is described. I've been trying it out myself and would say that there is something in it.

These notes are only rough but they get the idea across

Pineal gland activation
The seat of the soul - gateway to higher realms.
The link between the physical and the spiritual realm.

The pineal gland is bio-luminescent and sensitive to light.

Awakening this gland can speed up our learning, improve our memory ability, enhance our intuition, wisdom and creativity, trigger our psychic healing abilities and experience bliss.

Fluoride accumulates in the gland causing it to be less effective.
Outdoor activities, eating less sugar, eliminating processed foods and fluoride can help to revitalise it.

Technique for re-activating the pineal gland should not be attempted by anyone who does not feel ready to explore higher realms of consciousness beyond the five senses.

To begin the exercise, it is necessary to find the correct vibrational tone of voice. hum the word love in a mid pitched voice. When you find the correct tone, it will feel right.

Sit comfortably with your eyes closed and scan your body for any signs of tension.

Take three long breaths through your nose and exhale the tension through your mouth.

Think about opening the third eye and entering a loving universe where all that exists is complete bliss. Take a breath through your nose and hold it for a few seconds. Just before you exhale, purse your lips and place your tongue between your teeth. Press down gently on your tongue with your teeth. As you slowly exhale through your pursed lips, loudly hum the word love and vibrate the V sound until all of the air is expelled from your lungs. Repeat this exercise 4 more times, taking a few moments rest between each repetition.

To awaken the pineal gland, this exercise should be repeated for 2 more days in a row at 24 hours apart. The entire exercise only has to be done once to be effective. It may take 6 weeks or more to experience your newly awakened abilities.
As a side note from last nights session - :
When I do the exercise I find that after making the V sound and the air has been exhaled, the effect is noticeable as a perceived cleansing/clarifying sensation coming from behind the centre of the forehead when the vibration tails off. Along with this is, a mild sensation of exhilaration and the beginnings of what I would describe as a physical bliss emanating from this area - behind mid forehead.

This is definitely something extra, compared with deep breathing meditation.

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