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Default Mar's needs women

yea size of light. it's why i use the word object ; rather then what i think it might be. It really there.

Till I looked. The material has my interest. and well you know me. I honest never know that end result. The conclusion can be very different then what I as thinking at the start.

Something going on here. something different to What is normal. I fallow certain rule's. nothing is as it seem. nothing is random.

If there something there. they can easily draw me right in. an if they can dentity me. what i'm looking at is for us as well

bam ; that probably me studding this site. This how im represented in 100s of images. me working hard behind my desk. trying to understand WTF is going on here.

what am I going to do.I am going to rip that section to pieces. For the whole message. The whole over all message is for the peoples around this location and for Brain H and us. If they ID me it for us. David Site ; It's the place that I focus my materials and works. Is the David Icke site. Why. Because we all pretty much want the same things

So i'm going to show what i believe is the 1 of ship of actual encounter.At this point. basically one of the last images in a very raw state you normally see.

the cam's is trying to focus on the moving object. make that part very hard to fake in the above post. where we see the sway of motion. The craft seem to change shape. To a more boxing up an then in to the high speed projectile. The whole ship is not blurred there only 1 bit. Where heat or friction forcing the image to blur in the spots of max force. the top back The point max pressure an or thrust. and we can even make out shapes windows the clean sleek shape then can make what looks like wings. seem to appear. wings provide lift.

Gotz ta love that projection system on the top. give guys 5 minutes of control. your talking cities of dead bodys. just look in the Mid east

Keeping in mind I have showing morphing ships. since day 1

Skys PeaceLovesAll Sway motions means that subject physicals laws. an You are not going to like what you'll see. tapps nose. Those in the know, shell we say....

Word of mouth.
A is for Alpha- from where you came.
O is For Omega- to where your going.
I'll slay U l8rz

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