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Originally Posted by size_of_light View Post
Hopefully, truegroup has his ulcer medication on hand...

Stunning New Analysis Debunks Claim That Utah UFO Was a Bug, It Reached 9,000MPH

I find this pretty convincing evidence that the object is indeed a great distance away when it first appears, as individual frames show it obscured by the treeline of the lower mountain range.
yea i like this much better. I'm not fond of the way the object is described.As he takes the time to name the object. It just can't be anything else like the ground not moving or the drone not shuttering. pretty far away but weight an speed cause's a physical effect on the air n the environment.

Do u like Sci Fi i do; often objects in movies move behind stuff. Then Pop right out an surprise us. it no big trick. in fact the more it pops behind stuff the easier it is to hide CgI flaw's your looking at a tree. not at the object being presented.

Do I still think it CGI possibly based on the 1st video. the analyzation video. I think they cot something. an they don't know what it is.

So trying naming it would be the last thing I would want to do

Because of the extent gone throw to show throw in the video. The moth could very well be content you might add to bring out that volatility. in a well choreographed production. a special add on.

did you notice the moth seem to moved in arches

I actually seen other videos of the person attempting analyzation videos of these kinds. I think i have comment on his page on that subject of naming object. generally he's pretty good at it.

how ever i found this old video I think might help


I'm about to rotate imagery on my account mean. I'll have a bit space. If it extraterrestrial. They be a massage. in one of the videos.

So i'll watch n see what guys can find n discover. I sure some one here will find what we need to see. If it exteratressial there something there we need to see.

So at this point i'm not convinced. but I am a hard sell. I made no adjustment to the top 1/2 of my post.

Update as there been no other poster as of yet

Sway of motion ; a physic object must obey the physical laws or, change them. if i turn a car a sway of motion take effect. it the same for flight.

Flying the Typhoon Through the Mach Loop at Low Level

This vid maybe use in another topic
Image 1 Rule of thumb. ET is never alone.

Arrow Blue ; probably the most clear shot at this time of Brian Hanley UFO ; who has correctly named this object
Arrows Red ; possible speed burst as its climbing by there no shuddering ground or drone. it pass pretty close. in the end
Arrows Yellow ; No comment

Skys I consider these materials raw works. Brian but u might find them useful an any up coming works.
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