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I think it CGI bro it remind of the News guys in the Helicopter. in fact it doing an flying in the sameway zipping by on the same side. Almost as if there throwing in our faces. With out 1 clear images. a burry streek. burry imagery is how they try to cover CGI errors. one the differences between the news footage n this video. is.... the chopper shutter as the UFO fly's by. some might say well that is, hard to fake. the chopper shuttering from the TURBULENCE of the UFO flying by. Not really when u know what go's in to build that kind of studio. In fact it cheep It only has 1 use n it dismantled. can even be recycled in to a new project.

Ultimate Low Flying Jets & Sonic BOOM Compilation

notice anything different. doesn't matter which country. the same thing happen each time one these objects fly by. when plane achieve mach 1. I still see the plane clearly. every time. these shots are off hand cams an cell phones

Every ones is trying to to brake in to ufology. n 99% youtube in for the money in Youtube adds. So much BS passed around. It pays n big to have a video is hard to explain. so some saying there not in for the money is a straight up lie to start. We ll know how much a video can earn. in add's

1st ther trying to brake in to prove there are these crafts. even those it been done. an in much more supperor way. N you people are the one's they have to sluff this shit on. if they can't pass you. they do not pass go.

2nd there are people trying to disrupt any an all information. one the better way to do this is to create a video. The UFO community say that they believe it real an the guy step out an says it not. An u been discredited.

3rd. the guy say he there with a crew. filming a documentary...... A crew.... mean's mobile studio. every thing they need to create this video or enhance imagery. There all payed so there some what competent. and there no basic enhancement. not even a clear pause image

Now i seen RODS seem to move the same way. but we have 100's of clearly pausd frames. Rods images you see people holding hand held video camera from the early 2000's. they can gt clear images. but a film Crew can't

do u see any pause imagery enhancement imagery. any real analyzation of the imagery. After all there are only X number of useful frames. These are people making money off imagery. but no pause no clearing shots no enhancements

Peter Gunn Theme by Henry Mancini

Its easy to recreate something if u know how.


one mans magic is another technology. even with my work I'll watch the analyzation. next but, from what I see. In the 1st video this is my starting opinion. the flaws i see in that 1st video. I hope i have a different opinion as this progress's
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