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Originally Posted by markritter View Post
Nah, I always though he was off his head
That's not a very helpful comment mark ...

You mean he's certifiably insane ? He doesn't come across that way , he can give interviews , and is taken seriously by many.

Or do you mean he's a con man? ...that he knows he's lying , making the whole thing up ... for what reason ? to become rich.... lol...

Or is he working for the secret government , to spread disinfo, paid by the NWO.

Or as omni says .. he's deceived and directed by secret government AI mind control ?

It's not enough to say he's "off his head" this shows you haven't studied him, and come to an opinion as to whats going on ... it probably indicates you don't believe in ET's , and anyone who says they've met them must be "off their head".
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