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New York Times Mid-Week Pictorial, January 1, 1917..
The Taube was very popular prior to the First World War, and it was also used by the air forces of Italy and Austria-Hungary. Even the Royal Flying Corps operated at least one Taube in 1912.. On November 1, 1911, Giulio Gavotti, an Italian aviator, dropped the world's first aerial bomb from his Taube monoplane over the Ain Zara oasis in Libya...Once the war began, it quickly proved inferior as a serious warplane and as a result was soon replaced by newer and more effective designs... remember..Just a young boy..under the influence of drugs..who killed his entire family with an axe..If we're no more than animals, we must snatch each little scrap of happiness and live and suffer and pass, mattering no more than all the other animals do or have done.. Is it this?. Or that?. All the universe?. Or nothingness?. Which shall it bee, Passworthy?. Which shall it bee?..Well, that bunch last night was high enough to take over the marines and the navy!..

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