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Many hours of video there , grim ... I would recommend the second , the briefest and the best IMO .....(I haven't watched them all fully) ... the beginning of last video showcases AJ's encyclopedic knowledge , He truly is awesome....

Farrell Like AJ , is not the sharpest Knife in the draw ... but he was a christian ( again like AJ) ... and "could not bear false whiteness" ... He told his police employers 7/7 was a "Satanic conspiracy" ... big mistake ... so they claimed he'd gone crazy.

He should have just said high level political interests within the government did 7/7 to further a hidden agenda...

Other police officers told him "that's the way it is , don't make waves" .

Great job Farrell this will make more people wake up .. providing they know about him , I didn't !

As for linking 7/7 to quabalistic numerology the evidence is very flimsy ... they do try to have nemerlogical links in their events , but in a very half hearted way and not to the extent indicated in the links in your last post .. for example 7/7 was on 7/7/05 ... why didn't they do it on 7/7/7 ???

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