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Default Hallo

Hello All,

I'm Arman 42 from Holland and want to thank David for helping me with making the choice to open my HEART.

Since one week after about 25 hours of listening to David, I see the truth now. I've always thought that there was "something" going on.

And now I see the 'secret'-society clearly. So by me we can talk about the Exposed-society. Cause I see them clearly now by their symbolism.

In an episode of the Simpsons (or Simp "Suns") they are yellow like the Sun, I see many forms of symbolism passing by. Human suffering, sacrifice, blood drinking, fear, the rising sun, the horned bull, all seeing eye and so on, and so on...

The “elite”-society are rich and clever, and the poor are stupid and kept stupid. Death by (genetic?) vegetables. Taking away freedom. Telling the biggest bullshit to de poor to make them shut up. And so on… So even their “hidden” agenda is there symbolically present.

I hope I can open the Hearts of people around me. At least I will put out the intend to do so. Eventually they have to make the choice whether they want to open their hearts or not.

With Love:luv:
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