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What i know is this Paul Shattock, Paul Whitely and Dawn Savery founded the Austism Research Unit at Sunderland University-now moved. They were testing MMR vaccine and Gluten plus Casein proteins found in bread and milk..they found in Autsim, ME,and Gulf War syndrome high Opiod Peptides-in other words undigested proteins were causing malabsorption and poisons resulted in brain malfunction. MMR vaccine was truly found to be a menace & they had evidence to prove it but it was seriously hushed up,& one Professional person i know was threatened with death if they didn't shut up about it. My adult son and myself had mid stream urine sent to the unit and it came back with high opiod peptides for gluten but not for casein though it didn't mean that later on an intolerance for it wouldn't be there. I would go into deep comatose sleeps after eating refined wheat products and severe muscle weakness would ensue. Some Enzymes were developed in USA for this. I now use Omegazyme Ultra for all my food,& avoid refined sugars too, but do avoid bought breads and rarely eat out at all. Though i did in Brighton just over a year ago eat out as they seem very forward thinking there with menus in certain places. I was also tested for Pesticides through Biolab Medical Unit and came up with high DDT, DNOC, and MIREX, all of which can be found online.In another test heavy metal were detected but not tested for as it was Neutrophils test.

Also had my thyroid tested outside of NHS as for sixteen years i suffered then i was told by the guy who did the testing back in the nineties that allergies can make thyroid underactive as do pharma drugs & they do decrease Magnesium a vital mineral needed for over 300 enzyme functions in the body. In fact apparently all diseases are as a result of mineral deficiencies and i had an Energy Conversion test that picked up magnesium deficient. I use oral Magnesium chloride drops, and Magnesium chloride flakes in baths, and also Magnesium chloride oil/brine to massage onto skin. I buy in from and Amazon 5kg tubs of magnesium flakes by Holistic Valley.

I grew Organic Spelt Wheatgrass and drank it and also grew sprouted seeds, and eventually bought a cold pressing juicer and did a massive amount of juicing of fresh veges and fruits.

I use MSM Sulphur as it's needed for phase 2 metabolism & removal of heavy metals,although ensure it is not from China but rather on New Horizons and at a push Bobbys Healthy Shop. My son was made very ill as a baby with all his vaccinations-if it were now with my years of research etc no way would i allow it to happen as he had every disease he was vaccinated against,nightmare it was as he was always with infections then when he was 8yrs i happened to have a Flu vaccine that gave me viral pneumonia..made very ill indeed by it and years of ill health ensued.

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