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Interesting topic. So, you're basically saying the people who have been diagnosed as being autistic have actually been wrongly diagnosed and are in fact not autistic?. Maybe you're right, but many people who are labelled autistic clearly have something wrong with them and don't seem to function as well as "regular" people. I work with someone who has aspergers (or form of autism) and he clearly does exhibit a condition that clearly has a disability.

I had an interesting conversation with a family member of this person in which I bravely brought up the controversial subject of vaccines linked to autism. I was very surprised at her response, thinking she would just scorn me for having that opinion, she had actually heard about this and said her daughter believed there was a link. It shows more people are aware of this than I thought. She also stated that she believes that the causes of autism and aspergers are very complex, involving many different contributing factors.

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