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Connecting diverter tubing to an inlet port of the particle filter, or to a port on a 1" bsp female ball valve fitting can utilise the same brass compression fitting..

the thread that this will fit onto by hand is 22mm brass compression fitting thread.
For example if fitting directly to one of the Einhell filters, use a 1" bsp male to 22mm compression fitting, and discard the nut and olive from the 22mm side. No fastening is needed, it will just screw into the rubber., and leave it hand-tight for servicing/ cleaning tubing. It will also pull off diverter for cleaning ( no fastening necessary.)

Leave the connector hand tight in the particle filter/ball valve. It will not leak.
To remove for cleaning, first pull rubber tube from the diverter down and off, then unscrew
the brass fitting from the inlet port of the filter/ball valve. No spanner needed. Do not remove the rubber tube from the brass fitting. Leave them fastened together.

Use PTFE tape on the brass thread of the fitting where it screws into the 1" BSP port:
Always use this tape where you have a screw fitting on the piping. (apply it in the same way as a nut screwing onto the thread)

Try to avoid using elbows anywhere in the system, apart from breather tubing/overfow/ or with filter boxes, as they will impede the water flow otherwise.

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