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Originally Posted by derekbuttery View Post
you do realise the telegraph is msm, and most folks here would scoff at it being called a good source?
First of all, I focus on content and not sources. The veracity of the source is not at issue here.

Fancisco Manoel did publish a book previously that contradicts claims made in his current books published with Gregg Hallett. The story about the original book, The British Crown's Great Secret did appear in the Telegraph on December 19, 1999 and he did have a website to promote the first book at:

... that you can see at with pictures of the same 'royal marks' he now claims prove his title.

I trust you are not denying that the article appeared in the Telegraph or that he did publish a contradictory book. Those are easily verifiable claims contradicting his current claims in The Hidden King of England. Was he descended from George V of Hanover and Victoria or from Wellington and Victoria? Was he legitimate or not? Why did his story change? Why does he not mention The British Crown's Great Secret in his current book The Hidden King of England?

Anyway, I found out the back story so I decided to post it here with some information about the Braganzas.
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