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Originally Posted by jmandalis View Post
So what is the real story behind Gregg Hallett?

Some of what he says is true, like how there are several doubles of Vladimir Putin from a genetic engineering experiment involving his namesake Lenin. However he mixes in other disinformation, the spread of which is the real goal.

Gregg Hallett is what the Kremlin calls a 'useful idiot.' Someone that will go around trumpeting their counterintelligence narrative to introduce disinformation into the public record. Essentially, the information he provides about the alleged claims of the Braganza Francisco Manoel as a descendant of Queen Victoria are what the Kremlin calls 'active measures.' It is disinformation designed to undermine the crown.

Unfortunately for them the internet does not forget and their previous book The British Crown's Great Secret about being descended from the Duke of Wellington and not George of Hanover are easily found online.

Who is really behind all of this and what is the real goal?

Francisco Manoel is not really important. He is merely a handler of Gregg Hallett. The real mastermind behind the recent claims has been none other than the head of the House of Braganza, Duarte Pio, the current Duke of Braganza. From the Miguelist line of Braganzas.

Who are the Braganzas?

The Braganza family are a defunct royal dynasty of Portugal. They are still stupid rich and basically the definition of old money, with wealth going back to the renaissance. They have found their way into many European royal families and even own airlines.

The Braganzas lost Portugal during a republican revolution. The young king Manuel II could not defend his title against both the republicans and the rival Miguelist branch of the Braganza family. The fact he died without issue was the end of their monarchy, as Portugal went republican before allowing a Miguelist to ascend to the throne. Dom Manuel II, the Unfortunate, was the last of the liberal constitutionalist line and died under mysterious circumstances in exile. His father and older brother were murdered by their Miguelist relatives.

Who are the Miguelists?

The Miguelists were the absolutists in the Portuguese Liberal Wars between Pedro I of Brazil aka Pedro IV of Portugal supported by the liberal constitutionalists, and his younger brother Miguel I of Portugal supported by the absolutists.

The Liberal Wars between the two brothers started when the Portuguese court fled to Brazil from Napoleon. Despite being illegitimate, Miguel I claimed his older brother forfeited the Portugese crown. He tried to marry his niece, Pedro's seven year old daughter to legitimize his claim, but the marriage was annulled upon her restoration to the throne in 1834.

The parents of the current Braganza Duke, Duarte Pio, were second cousins. There are many examples of the Braganzas 'keeping it in the family' including Jose, the Prince of Brazil who married his aunt. Thus, she was actually the daughter-in-law, sister-in-law and neice of Peter III of Portugal.

There are several other examples of Braganza inbreeding.

Why are the Braganzas trying to undermine the English monarchy today?

The more recent false claims about Marcos Manoel being the firstborn of Queen Victoria and Francisco Manoel being the legitimate claimant of the English throne are not really about Francisco Manoel at all. That disinformation is just to create gossip and controversy ahead of the pending death of Elizabeth II due to the unpopularity of Charles and Camilla.

The real horse Duarte Pio is betting on is actually another distant Braganza relative, Prince Joseph Wenzel Maximillian of Liechtenstein, or Prince Max. The first Jacobite successor born in England for centuries.

Yes, the Hallett disinformation is really part of a much larger Jacobite plot to install Prince Max as monarch of England.

His claims come through his mother Princess Sophie of Liechtenstein.

Her grandfather Albrecht, Duke of Bavaria was a descendant of Miguel I of Portugal through Duchess Marie Gabrille in Bavaria and Princess Maria Jose of Braganza.

The Braganza family still has much influence and wealth despite the loss of Portugal, but their real goal is the ultimate royal prize, to put one of their own on the throne of England itself.
where's the wiki evidence supporting this?
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