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Default The Monsoon Coil

Originally Posted by monsoon View Post
This is my innovation to share .... been making this version of powered orgonites for a couple of years now ... Far more energetic by a country mile than the tried and true Mobius coil.......Tensor ring and torroidal coil....The coil is wrapped around a heavy gauge Tensor ring (positive side up) in a torroidal fashion,,,
here's the technique....starts off a square pattern but comes out sweet..... the loop end tucked in or superglued at finish....length is about 2 and a 1/2 metres, maybe a bit more .

 photo Capture 73_zpsmydfye6x.png

quartz point nestled in ready for pour

 photo IMG_1065_zpsvbbkpsa9.jpg

Finished piece ...unpowered spins up around 70 million on the Bovis scale ...
certainly clean EMF in a a home or workplace.....but
Powered up with the 9 volt ..15Hz frequency generator reads around 6billions. !!!
Nothing else quite like this out there , in the energy stakes....
Massive scalar wave generator

 photo Capture 64_zps2agmydxy.png

Cheers and enjoy
The Monsoon Coil
I have decided to name this new coil ....The Monsoon Coil

Mainly to clear up some confusion , as other folk are trialling this new technique with great success, but mistakenly calling it a Mobius coil , which it is not
...I've shared the technique on a few Face Book orgonite groups ,
and encountered the same problem
So now it's official
The Monsoon Coil .....
Dedicated to a decade plus of making and gifting orgonite

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