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Originally Posted by verndewd View Post
Well I personally have heard the massive whooshing sounds as well as the low frquency pulsations on several occaisions. So its not all bunk.
As I said on another thread, I have heard similar noises.

Neither should it be expected that every person or animal would be looking around in fright. One of the times I heard similar was when I was out shopping. It only lasted 3-5 minutes, and was a pulsing, electrical, metallic and very loud, low buzzing, sound. I looked round to see who else was noticing it, but all I could see were other shoppers looking hard at the floor and avoiding making eye contact. I guess we were all thinking it was (a) something normal, like machinery (b) would probably stop in a minute, which it did. Whether or not it was related to this, I may never know, but it just goes to show that people do not always react as might be expected.

That doesn't mean to say that noneof the videos are faked. Its easy to superimpose sound onto video. Time will tell, I guess.
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